Welcome! My name is Theresa, and I've been creating paper dolls all my life. For years, I have sold my dolls and other paper products at craft fairs throughout the greater Victoria BC area... Learn more »

Meet The Artist

Theresa at workTheresa Koski
Paper Doll Designer

Paper dolls are important to me because my entire childhood was in that world. I would draw while watching TV, or sit and draw at the kitchen table while the adults had conversations. My dolls designs come to me as a concept (tattoo style), an outfit idea (fan bodice dress), era (Egyptian), or an off-beat item (deck of cards). My kimono paper doll happened because I couldn't do origami, so I made mini kimonos instead.

I like the stress-free world of paper fashion. My models never complain. The outfits can be completely impractical but look normal. Any colour combination, any size, multi-media... it's all possible. I am very lucky and never seem to run out of ideas. I see paper doll possibilities everywhere.

Paper dolls aren't just for children. Nostalgia, fashion history, fantasy life... They are perfect gifts, as shipping costs are low, and they are an unexpected surprise. A fashion show in an envelope! Paper dolls also make nice "sick day" gifts; a pretty doll and wardrobe can improve any mood.

If you're not imaginative, don't worry. I am! Together, we can have an adventure!