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Sunflower Daisy

Sunflower Daisy


Sunflower Daisy is one of the 3 "Flower Sisters". This product, the "Sunflower Daisy" doll, comes with 10 outfits and a matching yellow bag to keep all pieces organized.

About the Flower Sisters...

These dolls began as a gift for my sister. Sunflowers were her favourite flower then, so "Sunflower Daisy" was the first sister I designed. "Lily Rose" was next, because one of my customers wanted another doll to pair up with the Sunflower Daisy she'd bought a few months before. "Dogwood Ivy" came next.

These dolls are great for children because the wardrobes are colourful and have only ten outfits. The paper doll and her wardrobe come already in a paper bag matching their unique colour scheme. The package can be stored flat, or opened up to stand on a shelf. All sisters wear the same size, so the wardrobes are interchangeable.

  • The sister dolls are 6½ inches tall, including the base
  • Average outfit lengths are 5½ inches tall
  • Bag size: 7½ by 3½ inches
  • Dolls arrive pre-cut