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This doll was invented when I was doing a project with the children at a church. I gave each child a simple person shape made of cardboard, then asked them to make a character to place in our display. I still have some of these characters.

The actual doll happened because I fidget. I was nonchalently folding (pleating) a phone book page, and "ta-da!" - a doll idea! Jane originally had four outfits made from wrapping paper, phone book pages, and cereal boxes. She now has ten outfits. Jane and all of her outfits are made from reused paper such as notebook covers, scrap poster board, restaurant menu liners, leftover napkins, and more. People will give me any paper product they think I can use. Jane is cut from a cereal box. The envelope she comes in is pieced together from used envelopes. The papers choices vary doll to doll, depending on what I have available.

Due to her larger size and simpler wardrobe, Jane is a nice doll for children. The character also looks more like a child than a teenager.

  • Jane is 10 inches tall, and comes with 10 outfits
  • Average outfit lengths are 5 to 7½ inches
  • Envelope approx. 9 x 9½ inches