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Custom Portrait Paper Dolls

Have you ever had a secret desire to be someone else? An alter ego? Well here's your chance. And it's much cheaper than a new wardrobe.

Become a paper doll character. Be a pirate, spy, businessperson, goth. Maybe covered with tattoos.  Or, maybe a paper doll is the perfect gift for the person who has grown tired of dressing themselves.  Either way, it's a ton of fun.

Send me a photograph of yourself or a friend and I will design a paper doll. Tell me what you would like the likeness to wear and I will create a ten piece wardrobe. (I will not reproduce trademarked images in your portrait doll.)

1 Doll, 10 Outfits $50 CAD Taxes, shipping, handling incl.

Portrait imageThis is Dan. He's one of the owners of Radar Hill Technology who agreed to a future of relentless teasing from his staff by getting a paper doll done of himself.  As you can see, he is resplendent in his geisha outfit and downright dashing in his "sexy pirate" costume.  Around the office, "Hippy Chick" is probably the most popular one for getting a laugh.

To order your own paper doll (or embarrass your friend), click "add to cart" and proceed to the PayPal payment.  Upon payment notification, Theresa will work with you to get some wardrobe ideas going.